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Anum Farooq is an autodidactic artist. She graduated from Imperial College London after studying Biochemistry with Management, alongside being an Associate of the Royal College of Science. She completed a History of Art course from University College London, after which she completed her PGCE (QTS). An international educator, mentor and consultant, Anum is fond of the creative links between the Sciences and the Arts. Anum’s art relates to exploring, dreaming and discovering the world around us, educating ourselves with inner insights enlightened with natural perspectives. The mediums utilised are a mix of acrylic, oils and gouache in fluid movements, to enable a holistic art experience. The insight between nature, faith and humanity is a life-long discovery. Our perceptions of the natural world and our role within it, are interesting concepts to explore.

08/2021 Head of Primary/ Secondary Ministry Approval SPEA, UAE
01/2016 IC3Digital Literacy Certification - Global Standard 4 Certiport, UAE
05/2014 NQT Induction completed Department of Education, England
07/2012 Secondary Science PGCE (QTS) Open University, England
02/2012 Diploma in TESOL London Teacher Training College
08/2010 History of Art (course) University College London, England
08/2010 Associate of the Royal College of Science Imperial College London, England
08/2010 BSc (Hons) Biochemistry with Management(2:1) Imperial College London, England
08/2007: A-Levels: Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Geography (A)AS
Level: Psychology (A)
Enfield County School. London,
Forthcoming Exhibitions
2021 Online, “Trees and Reflections”, International
2021 Fronteer Gallery, “Abstract”, Sheffield, England

Exhibition History
2011 Red Gallery, “Urban Dialogues Festival”, London, England
2011 Tower Hamlets Library, “Three Faith Forum” London, England
2011 Bristol Paintworks, “Hope and Poverty: A vision through Art” Bristol, England

Achievements and Awards
Featured Artist Interview, ArtOn Gallery, Venice, Italy 2021
Featured Artist, Autumn Issue, Collect Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia 2021
"The Poignant Rose" featured in the Art, Culture, Tourism UK Social Media Campaign 2021
"Roots of Courage" featured in I believe - My Art Inspo 2021 Prague 2021
"Sanctuary" featured in Dwell Time Special COVID-19 Edition, England 2021
Rising Stars Interfaith Artist Interview, Independent Urdu 2021
"The Prayer" licensed by 500px, Visual China Group, Beijing, China and Ontario, Canada
2012 Tate Online Artist , Tate Collective Showcase, UK
2002 Certificate of Merit by the Mayor of Enfield: Painting in the park competition
2001 Albany School Public Speaking Competition Finalist

Poetry published in a collection titled 'In the Mind's Eye' (UK) .
Artwork published in HESA Inprint (Finland)
Articles published in Uthmag (UAE), Dawn Newspaper (South East Asia)
Articles published Imperial College Felix Newspaper (UK) and TIG Global

September 2021

Anum Farooq

My interest in exploring the relationship between Science and Art stems from my background in Biochemistry, as well as utilizing pedagogical approaches in combining these disciplines via cross curricular links. I utilize the stages of observation and experimentation from the Scientific method, in my approach to Art, for instance I observe the natural world around us, whether that be the shape of a leaf, patterns in the waves and rocks, colours in the cloud formations to the shape and texture of the tree branches and so on. Then, I experiment with distilling these themes into the abstract paintings or I simply photograph the biology of life with links to human insights and emotions.
My painting "Certainty (Oil on Canvas, circa 2011)" focused on patterns in nature; of light overcoming darkness, rain from the clouds cleansing, nourishing and healing the Earth. Vulnerable saplings blooming with time, and subtle droplets of water bringing forth strong roots and natural justice. These natural themes also linked to the ‘our journey’ of life, with challenges and miracles yet certainty that destiny and truth will triumph.
"Roots of Courage (Gouache on Canvas, circa 2021)" is directly influenced by the interconnection of roots of trees, and furthered experimented with links to human perspectives such as finding courage and achieving our dreams, despite the turbulence of time and events, just as roots remain grounded in the earth. That there is diversity in humanity, yet our roots are interconnected. That despite the ever changing times, we can stand with courage and integrity, towards a brighter horizon of hopes and dreams.
Biological inspiration continued in “Calm Endurance (Acrylic on Canvas, circa 2011)”, where the focus of inspiration were the mountains of Snowdonia, Himalaya and Sinai; linked to humanity; to endure and build an ocean of calmness, to conquer our own hearts and minds. To have a subtle understanding of the unspoken, poignant threads of time, courage and care. The philosophical mountains of life, mere signposts for another realm of eternity.
In my painting "Sanctuary", I explore the concept of looking for a sanctuary to heal, to become whole, to answer our calling. In saving ourselves, we gain the courage to save others. This painting is about holistic healing; the warm, homely hues a calling to the soul towards calm and kind healing. The underlying tones of Sienna; reminiscent of a time of quiet discovery through nature and colour. In exploring the world around us, in finding a sanctuary, in looking inwards to complete ourselves...we begin the journey to heal the world around us.
I have also explored the interlinks between art and interfaith. For instance, my participation in the group exhibition in the Urban Dialogues Festival Exhibition in London, was influenced by interfaith work on various projects with these organizations, from conducting oral history interviews of faith based elders in London and transforming their stories into art for an interfaith harmony rotational exhibition, in an exploration of the shared heritage of the Abrahamic faiths and to understand and celebrate diverse faith and cultures.
My art has strong links with nature, faith, inner perspectives, and humanity, and is deeply connected and influenced by the natural world. In looking towards the future, I am to further strength the ties between Art and Science by exploring the themes of wind and kinetic energy in the natural world, with links to human emotions; essentially how does the sea breeze make you feel? Such explorations, I hope will also influence the academic aspect, in expanding the cross-curricular links between Art and Science for a holistic learning experience.
Furthermore, I am also preparing for an upcoming digital exhibition titled “Trees and Reflections”, as I believe art can be utilised for great advocacy in terms of nature and environmental conservation.
I am also collaborating and curating for the first time, on a global art open call titled “Compassionate Women: Kindness in Action” which really about starting cultural conversations about kindness making a meaningful impact on women’s lives globally, and will culminate in an international digital exhibition.

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